Proposals for Publication

Prospective authors should submit the following: a CV, accompanied by a proposal of around 500 words outlining the scope of the proposed volume, its place within current scholarship, and its potential readership. We do not usually require a subvention from authors, although we do expect them to do much of the formatting of the volume themselves. Where this is impracticable, a limited charge to cover costs may be made. We will not consider a proposal which is also under consideration with another publisher.


Process of review

Each proposal is submitted to the monographs committee who decide on its suitability; after this, a completed draft from the author is requested, which is then sent for anonymous peer review; after any emendations suggested by the peer reviewer have been carried out, the volume is usually submitted for final approval (and potentially, suggested changes) to one of the editorial committee. Final decision to publish rests with the Society's trustees.

Editions should be prepared using Classical Text Editor. Authors publishing in the series may purchase a copy at considerable discount.

Festschriften: whilst the Society acknowledges the importance of such volumes, and is willing to act as publisher for these volumes hors série, nevertheless editors must cover all publication costs through the usual form of subscription. Our involvement with festschriften is limited to one per triennium and we will not therefore consider another festschrift until the beginning of 2017.


Initial inquiries should be addressed to the clerk to the monographs committee, at


Notes on styling

Please use the MHRA guidelines sensibly with regard to questions of formatting and presentation.