Organised and Sponsored Conferences

Along with its own major annual events, the AGM Lecture, and Day Conference, and the Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference, the Society regularly sponsors over a dozen conferences a year.

Conference Calendar

Merton College, Oxford
Sat, 6 May
Sir Clive Granger Building, University Park, Nottingham
Sat, 6 May
John Percival Building, University of Cardiff
Thu, 1 Jun to Fri, 2 Jun
University of York
Mon, 19 Jun to Tue, 20 Jun
TORCH, Oxford
Fri, 23 Jun to Sat, 24 Jun
Old College, Aberystwyth University
Wed, 28 Jun to Fri, 30 Jun
Institute of English Studies, Senate House, London
Fri, 30 Jun to Sat, 1 Jul
University of Bristol
Thu, 28 Sep to Fri, 29 Sep
University of Southampton
Sat, 21 Oct
University of Huddersfield
Tue, 11 Apr to Wed, 12 Apr
University College, Oxford
Fri, 7 Apr to Sat, 8 Apr
Merton College, Oxford
Fri, 31 Mar to Sat, 1 Apr
Senate House, London
Sat, 25 Mar
Cardiff University
Fri, 13 Jan
Shaping, Representing and Using the Medieval City
Ghent University, Belgium
Tue, 18 Oct to Fri, 21 Oct
IASH, Edinburgh University
Thu, 6 Oct to Fri, 7 Oct

The Crusades in France and Occitania – Roots, Impact, and Cultural Signification of the Crusading Movement in Medieval Texts

Institute of Historical Research, London
Sat, 10 Sep
People, Places and Possessions, 1350-1550
TORCH, Oxford
Sat, 3 Sep
University of York, and Bede's World, Jarrow
Thu, 14 Jul to Sun, 17 Jul
Queen Mary, London
Sun, 10 Jul to Fri, 15 Jul
University of London
Wed, 6 Jul to Sat, 9 Jul

Celts, Romans, Britons: Classical and Celtic Influence in Britain, 55 BC - 2016 AD

Radcliffe Humanities Building, Oxford
Sat, 2 Jul
<p>Somerville College, Oxford</p>
Fri, 24 Jun to Sat, 25 Jun
<p>University of Kent</p>
Fri, 24 Jun to Sat, 25 Jun
<p>University of York</p>
Sun, 29 May to Tue, 31 May
University of Leeds
Thu, 5 May to Sat, 7 May
<p>Neill Lecture Theatre, Trinity College Dublin</p>
Thu, 28 Apr
Sat, 16 Apr
Fri, 8 Apr to Sat, 9 Apr