Along with its own major annual events, the AGM Lecture, and Day Conference, and the Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference, the Society regularly sponsors over a dozen conferences a year.

Conference Calendar

University of Bristol
Thu, 28 Sep to Fri, 29 Sep
University of Southampton
Sat, 21 Oct

Medieval Ideas on Multilingualism

Harris Manchester, Oxford
Tue, 3 Apr
Kalamazoo (2018)
Thu, 10 May to Sun, 13 May
<p>Swansea University</p>
Thu, 14 Jun to Fri, 15 Jun

2012 Annual General Meeting and Lecture

Sat, 19 May

Old English Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels

<p>University of Westminster</p>
Tue, 17 Apr to Wed, 18 Apr

Meat: The 2012 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

Fri, 13 Apr to Sat, 14 Apr
Sat, 24 Mar to Mon, 26 Mar
<p><strong> School of Advanced Study, Senate House, University of London</strong></p>
Wed, 21 Mar

Bibles: Reading Scripture from Medieval to Early Modern

Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, University of Liverpool
Sat, 15 Oct
<p>Wolfson College, Cambridge</p>
Sat, 16 Apr
<p>Lincoln College, Oxford</p>
Tue, 12 Apr

Palaeography Workshop

University College, Cork. Eire.
Mon, 13 Sep to Tue, 14 Sep
Mon, 28 Jun to Tue, 29 Jun
Fri, 16 Apr

Error: The 2010 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

Fri, 16 Apr to Sat, 17 Apr
<p>Queen's University, Belfast</p>
Fri, 9 Apr to Sun, 11 Apr
Fri, 3 Apr

Play: 2009 Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

Fri, 3 Apr to Sat, 4 Apr

Light: The Fourth Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference

Fri, 11 Apr to Sat, 12 Apr

Annual General Meeting and Lecture, 2008

St Hilda's College, Oxford
Sat, 8 Mar
Fri, 13 Apr to Sat, 14 Apr

AGM and Lecture 2007

Sat, 10 Mar