The purpose of the Society's Research Travel Bursaries is to support relevant research by scholars, at any stage in their career, who are not in receipt of the requisite funding from other sources. The value of all grants is between £300 and £1000 (GBP). There are two application rounds each year, with the deadlines falling on 1st September and 1st March; applicants will be informed of the Society's decision within three weeks of the deadline.

Eligibility and Requirements: Bursaries are open to all scholars whose research falls within the interests of the Society, broadly defined; but preference may be given to those who are members of the Society. The Society regrets that the Travel Research Bursaries scheme cannot provide funding to attend academic conferences or other organized events.. Successful applicants will be required to submit a report following their research trip, with accounts. The Society’s support should be acknowledged prominently in any subsequent publication, and the Society informed of these.

To apply, please visit and complete this online form

Awarded Spring 2017
Name Status Proposal
Amanda Bohne
PhD Candidate, Notre Dame University

Networks of Concern: Post-Mortem Care of the Soul in Medieval England

Benjamin Barootes
Postdoc. Fellow, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
In nomine meo: The Texts and Contexts of Oxford, Trinity College MS 8
Jonah Coman
PhD Candidate in Medieval Studies, SAIMS, University of St Andrews

Medieval Collections Visit to East Coast of USA

Lisandra Costiner
DPhil candidate in the History of Art, University of Oxford

An Illuminated Italian Manuscript of the Meditationes Vitae Christi

Louise Tingle
PhD Candidate, Cardiff University

Royal Woman in Fourteenth-Century England

Vanessa Wright
PhD Candidate, University of Leeds

The Manuscript Context of Medieval French Cross-Dressing Literature

Awarded Autumn 2016
Name Status Proposal
Linne R. Mooney
Professor, University of York
The Bodmer Library MS 178 of John Gower's Confessio Amantis
Sophie Harwood
Doctoral Candidate and PGR Tutor, University of Leeds

Women and Warfare in the Romans d'Antiquité

Sophie Kelly
PhD Candidate, University of Kent

Invention and Innovation: Unusual Images of / Unusual Influences on Trinitarian Iconography in BnF MS Français 14969, BnF MS Latin 12833 and Chartres Cathedral

Awarded Spring 2016
Name Status Proposal
Alexandra Lee
University College, London
Mike Carr
University of Edinburgh
T. R. Smith
Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
Awarded Autumn 2015
Name Status Proposal
Curran, Colleen
Doctoral Student, King's College, London
Gemmill, Elizabeth
University Lecturer in Local History, Dept. for Cont. Ed., Oxford

The manuscript register of John Salmon, bishop of Norwich 1299-1325

Jordan, Alexandra
Doctoral Student, University of Durham

'Three unpublished versions of the ninth-century Latin Lives of St Melanius of Rennes'

Awarded Spring 2015
Name Status Proposal
Cooper, Charlotte
Doctoral Student, St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford
Harris, Katerina
Ph.D. Candidate, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts
Pitts, Brent A.
Professor of Foreign Languages & Literatures, Meredith College
Reeves, Andrew
Assistant Professor of History, Middle Georgia State College
Awarded Autumn 2014
Name Status Proposal
Adler, Gillian
Doctoral Student, UCLA
Bieniak-Nowak, Magdalena
Assistant Professor, Warsaw University
Delcorno, Pietro
Doctoral student, Nijmegen
Mincin, Elisabeth
Doctoral Student, St. Andrews

Byzantine heresy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries

Awarded Spring 2014
Name Status Proposal
Madrinkian, Michael
Doctoral Student, Oxford
McVitty, E. Amanda
Doctoral Student, Massey University, New Zealand
Watts, Steven
Doctoral Student, St. Andrews
Awarded Autumn 2013
Name Status Proposal
Colwell, Tania
Post-doctoral researcher, Australian National University, Canberra
Gustaw, Chantal Jacqueline
Graduate Student, St Andrews
Vukovic, Alexandra
Graduate Student, Cambridge

The Chronicles of Rus'

Yavuz, N. Kivilcim
Graduate Student, Leeds

‘Trojan Narratives in Frankish History, C.6-C.11’

Awarded Spring 2013
Name Status Proposal
Collins, Alexander
Graduate Student, Edinburgh
Knox, Philip
Graduate Student, Oxford
Mannion, Anne
Part-time Lecturer, Limerick

‘Missale Vetus: Liturgy, Palaeography and Repertories in the Notated Missal EXcl 3515’

Tarlazzi, Caterina
Graduate Student, Padua / Paris IV Sorbonne
Awarded Autumn 2012
Name Status Proposal
Hickey, Helen
Post-doctoral, Melbourne
Awarded Spring 2012
Name Status Proposal
Brower, Susannah
School teacher with PhD
Connolly, Margaret
Hon. Fellow, St Andrews

Fifteenth-century manuscripts owned by the Roberts of Middlesex in the sixteenth century

Depnering, Johannes
PhD student, Oxford

The transmission of sermons attributed to Berthold von Regensburg (ca. 1210-1272)

Jordan, Alexandra
MRes. student, Leicester
Mancia, Lauren
PhD student, Yale
Stevenson, Kath
Post-doc teaching assistant, Queen’s Univesrsity Belfast
Symons, Vicky
PhD student, UCL
Awarded Autumn 2011
Name Status Proposal
Bourassa, Kristin
PhD student, York
Flood, Victoria
Unfunded PhD student, YorkPhD student, York
Stone, Zachary
Between degrees
Awarded Spring 2011
Name Status Proposal
Hartigan, Caitlin
D.Phil. student, Oxford
Johnston, Cynthia
PhD student, London
Awarded Autumn 2010
Name Status Proposal
Casey, Denis
Post-doctoral, with no present affiliation
Hayden, Deborah
Post-doctoral non-stipendary Research Associate, Cambridge
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