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Announcing A New Monograph

Announcing Medium Ævum Monographs, New Series XXXIII:  John Frankis, 'From Old English to Old Norse: A Study of Old English Texts Translated into Old Norse with an Edition of the English and Norse Versions of Ælfric's De Falsis Diis'

This study focusses upon the Old Norse version of Ælfric’s Old English homily De falsis diis –  the most substantial of a family of Old Norse-Icelandic texts, of unclear provenance, but which derive in varying degrees from Old English originals. To throw fresh light upon the translation’s origins, a range of other Old Norse and Old English texts are considered. While the known facts of Ælfrician manuscript circulation and adaptation are hard to reconcile with an Icelandic origin, traces of later circulation in Norway and Iceland are explored. The study includes a parallel-text Old English-Old Norse edition of De falsis diis, with facing modern English translations, to aid detailed comparison.

Posted September 17, 2015
OUT NOW: Studies in Honour of Joseph J. Duggan

Si sai encor moult bon estoire, chancon moult bone et anciene:
Studies in the Text and Context of Old French Narrative in Honour of Joseph J. Duggan
Edited by Sophie Marnette, John F. Levy & Leslie Zarker Morgan

Professor Joseph J. Duggan, emeritus professor at the University of California (Berkeley) is an eminent scholar of Medieval Studies who has written seminal works on Romance Literatures (and Old French epics in particular). His work ranges from editions of medieval classics such as the Chanson de Roland to articles about troubadours’ lyrics and a monograph on Chrétien de Troyes. Here, fifteen contributions from his former students and colleagues offer literary, narratological, philological, and contextual studies of the texts he has taught and researched over his long and prestigious career.

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Posted September 17, 2015
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